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Kerry Seen in Picture with Jane Fonda

Washington, D.C.

Newly released reports show that presidential candidate John Kerry had a walk on cameo with anti-war communist traitor Jane Fonda in the cheesy 1980 picture “Nine to Five”.

Apparently in the scene, Fonda is arguing with here boss, played by Dabney Coleman, when Kerry walks into the room and defends Fonda by shouting, “Vietnam was wrong,” at which point they all break into a rendition of the Dolly Parton theme song, “Nine To Five”, Kerry providing accompaniment in his deep staccato voice.

The cameo has many critics. Fox New’s Bill O’Reily asked, “What does it say for Kerry to be associated with the despicable works of Jane Fonda? How does it reflect on him as a presidential candidate?” Rodger Ebert of the Chicago Sun Times says, “this movie is an outdated piece of shit.”

Jane Fonda is notorious for her trip to Vietnam in 1972 where she asked U.S. POWs to admit their country was wrong in order to be released, effectively selling out the United States. Apparently, anyone even mildly associated with Fonda should be blacklisted because they obviously share all of her politics. She's also done quite a few bad movies which is even stronger grounds for blacklisting.

There were many more negative commentaries on the Kerry-Fonda connection but not all people felt it was a mistake. “Nine To Five is a laugh fest fantasy,” raves Gene Shallot of NBC TV.

Kerry has been quick to defend his involvement with the film industry. To supporters in Wisconsin today he exclaimed, “I also did a scene in Forrest Gump you know.”

Opinion polls show that if Kerry ran against Bush this week he would lose 48%-49%. "Nine to Five" currently has a rating of 6.2 out of 10 on the Internet Movie Database and an 80% rating on
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